And The Devil Makes 3 / И дьявол делает три (Alex Roman, Helix / 8Teenboy) [2013 г., Twinks, Muscular, Cum Shots, Brunette, Blowjob, Blonds, Big Dick, Anal Sex, American, Group Sex, Jocks, Fetish, WEB-DLRip]

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And The Devil Makes 3 / И дьявол делает три

Год производства:
2013 г.
Дата выхода:


United States of America
Twinks, Muscular, Cum Shots, Brunette, Blowjob, Blonds, Big Dick, Anal Sex, American, Group Sex, Jocks, Fetish
Alex Roman
Helix / 8Teenboy
В ролях:
Hunter Starr, Skyelr Bleu, Blake Elliott, Jake Tyler, Anderson Lovell, Tanner Sharp, Elijah White, Jasper Robinson
It's a sin to put so many good looking boys together in one collection of explosive threeways featuring fiery hot new models taking one or even two dicks up their innocent holes. Blake Elliott proves he's the most wanted bottom boy taking two big dicks up his tender rear, and Jasper Robinson brings his sinfully sweet big cock to pound his young friends' hungry mouths and asses. Give in to the devil on your shoulder and pick this one up today!
Scene 1: Blake DPed with Pleasure
The lean and muscular buns of Blake Elliott are clinched with anticipation, wanting, needing, waiting for someone to justify his sexual appetite for a threeway. Hunter is hesitant to pick their sexual partner as his tastes are varied. Finally they agree on Skyelr Bleu and so goes the threeway. Watch these three young boys get hard and down to business when it comes to double penetrating the tight hole that Blake has to offer.
Scene 2: That'll Do Blake...
Blake and Hunter are at it again, this time they've decided to venture out to the park to pick up some new hottie trick. The luck of the draw lands on Jake Tyler. Luckily for Jake he gets to top the tight hole of Blake Elliott and yes it's still tight after that double penetration last week. Blake loves to be pounded until orgasmic pleasures erupt all over this twink threeway adventure. Use 'em, abuse 'em and let 'em know, "That'll do Blake, that'll do."
Scene 3: Bilingual Threeway
It pays to know a second language... how else are you going to pick up a bilingual hottie such as Anderson Lovell? An interrupted make-out session turns into an afternoon eruption with three of the hottest new twinks to Helix Studios.
Scene 4: Cum ride the Twink Train
Tanner Sharp and Elijah White aren't very subtle about taking Jasper Robinson home but then again twinks will be twinks. Tanner is a spunky blonde 18 yr old who's hungry for cock. He slurps down Jasper's and Elijah's big, thick cocks getting the twink party started. Tanner's the lucky boy that gets stuffed with Elijah's big, thick cock in his smooth boy hole. The real skin slapping starts when Jasper mounts Tanner then Elijah jumps behind Jasper's baby soft ass and shows him how his huge twink dick feels. The boys are in ecstasy when Tanner hops on Jasper's cock while he's riding Elijah. All aboard the twink Train.
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MPEG4 Video 720x406,25.000 fps, 1 249 Kbps
AAC 48000Hz stereo 192kbps


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