Prague Buddies"1-2-3-4" / Пражские парни "1-2-3-4" (William Higgins, William Higgins Productions) [1999-2003 г., Euroboys, Uniform, Anal, Oral, Muscles, Group, Big Cocks,Twinks & Young man`s, DVDRip-AVC]

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Год производства:
1999-2003 г.
Czech Republic

Euroboys, Uniform, Anal, Oral, Muscles, Group, Big Cocks,Twinks & Young man`s
1)01:58:18 2)01:45:45 3)02:05:28 4)02:27:28
William Higgins
William Higgins Productions
В ролях:
Pavel Korsakov, Ales Hanak, Zdenek Romany, Ivan Romanof, Janusz Dickovsky, Tomas Navatny, Vilem Zeman, Adam Koch, Pavel Dubeck, Martin Pravda, Mylan Forman, Karel Pisek,Pavel Holub, Milan Dabelsky,Jan Dvorak, Libor Taborsky, Martin Bolshoi, Jamom Ramon, Marco Giacomo, Jirka Kalvoda, Roman Tomas, Jarda Waldek,
Andel, Jozeph Markovich, Ivo Skala, Pavel Holub, Nikola Lubov, Bill Zeeman, Marko Giacomo, Sascha Antonov,Jordi Cosimo,Peppino Sobota,El Greco, Cage Kejc, Lada Vostry, Russlan Karpov, Gernot and Vladimir Caspia.
Director William Higgins picks up the action right where he left off with cute, approachable guys. His first feature in over a decade!
Captured on Video Jan Dvorak's First Time With Another Man. Once Again William Huggins Has Captured The Sexiest Men Of Prague In Prague Buddies 2.
By the time William Higgins finishes his "Prague Buddies" series, we will know more about the culture and psyche, of Eastern European (primarily Czech) men than anyone has ever learned over the many years of history which have shaped that region. That he will have done that through detailing the deeply personal, romantic, sometimes melancholic -- but always explosive -- sexual appetites of these men will eventually rank as one of the most remarkable artistic achievements of the international porn industry. This is said in all deference to, and recognition of, the equally stunning contributions made by Bel Ami's George Duroy. Duroy gives us unabashed sexual pleasure; Higgins gives us depth, and -- egad, I can't believe I'm writing this -- soul.
Director William Higgins is back with his unique band of Eastern European performers for "Prague Buddies 4: Tales of the Ancient Bohemian Woods." The locale is often as sumptuous as the men themselves and the carefully filmed and edited sex. It's an opulent and handsome production.
The opening scene wraps up the plot of "Prague Buddies 3: Liebstod" and then it's on to the action at hand. In the first scene, injured Pavel Korsakov, a good looking guy with an amazing body, calls on his loyal pal Peppino Sobota, a cute brunet, to help him with his gear so they can go off to the remote Bohemian woods and fish. Poor Peppino gets stuck carrying everything, but when they arrive at the site, Pavel's friend Andel, a square-faced looker in army fatigues, certainly notices Peppino. However, Peppino isn't invited to the three-way sex scene with Pavel, Andel and Lada Vostry, a thin intense guy.
Доп. информация:
DVD5 "1-2-3-4"

Качество видео:
Формат видео:
Видео кодек:
Аудио кодек:
MPEG4 Video (H264) 800x600 29.97fps, 1)3 270 Kbps,2)3 276 Kbps,3)3 158 Kbps,4)2 512 Kbps
AAC 48000Hz stereo all (4) 256 Kbit

Скриншоты Prague Buddies"1-2-3-4"

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