Bareback Skater Trash / Скайтеры без Резинок (Vlado Iresch / Staxus / SK8 M8S) [2008 г., Anal, Oral, Twinks, Bareback, Group, Cumshot DVDRip]

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Bareback Skater Trash / Скайтеры без Резинок

Год выпуска: 2008
Жанр: Anal, Oral, Twinks, Bareback, Group, Cumshot
Продолжительность: 01:44:04
Режиссер: Vlado Iresch
Студия: Staxus / SK8 M8S
В ролях: Alan Hill, Alex Stevens, Chad Ward, Gordon Blue, Joe Blunt, John Hill, Nick Daniels, Patrick Ewen, Ray Weil, Rick Nielsen
Описание: Fresh young twinks rolling their out of control cocks into wet tight holes! Alex Stevens and his skate friends in pure filthy bareback action. Nice!
Rough skater twinks keeping it real and hard! Many gay men fantasize about rough straight skater boys and what they keep hidden in their baggies. We provide them a glimpse of what really happens once they hop off the boards!

Подробное описание на английском

Scene 1:
A Hot Threesome. This begins with 3 young guys in just their underwear drinking beer in a field - and they may be a little bit under the influence of drink ;0). These skaters are nice and slim with really well toned bodies and one decides he needs to take a piss. The camera gets up nice and close for you to see his piss come shooting out while the other two watch on. After he has finished pissing he goes to the first young guy who was watching and gets his cock out from his underwear and rubs him until he is semi-hard. He gets told he then has to piss and you see a hot stream shoot from his cock. The other two remove his boxers to leave him totally naked and they both take it in turns to suck on his fully erect cock and some serious mouth action. This soon turns into a really hot threesome fuck session as he then sits down on the 3rd guys cock, moving faster and faster up and down while the 1st guy jacks him off until he can take no more and shoots a massive amount of cum onto the guy’s tongue as his other friend is still fucking away up his arse. There is a slow motion replay for this and it really lets you see the cum go all over his tongue - then oozing from his mouth back down the slim guy's cock - hot! The one doing the fucking cannot hold back any longer and he removes his cock just in time to shoot his hot cum all over his mate’s arse cheeks. The last guy, being so aroused because of these two cum shows, jacks himself off into the open mouths of his two friends – his cum really thick (just how I like it!). These two suck and nibble on his cock, the cum dribbling down off their chins, a really nice finish to this scene.
Scene 2:
Wank Break. A young Skater guy taking a piss outside – his large cock sticking out from his trousers is the way this scene starts his Skater friend sitting down on the grass eagerly watching on. These two are late teens (possibly early 20's) with one black hair and in a cap the other with blond tips to his spiky hair. The spiky hair one is dinking a pint of beer as his friend starts to work his mouth on his friend's cock. While having his cock sucked, he allows some beer to dribble from his mouth to go all over his cock and his friend's mouth – the next couple of times he has his mouth open to catch most of it! The Skater in the cap then goes on to some really nice Ball sucking – causing cute Spiky to moan in ecstasy (as I'm sure you will do too!). With this and sucking his cock, he then inserts a finger into his friend's arse and slowly starts to finger fuck his hole. He starts to suck (and finger fuck) faster and Spiky cannot hold back any longer and shoots his full wad all over Cap boy's tongue – mmmmmmm! It is now Spiky's turn to do some cock sucking and s he is doing this, Cap boy smokes a cigarette. This time it doesn't take long as he removes his cock from Spiky's mouth and wanks himself, his cum shooting all over his own hand. With Spiky's mouth open and ready, he gets him cum drenched fingers and places them into his friend's mouth, getting him to eat the hot, sticky cum.
Scene 3:
Secret Cottage. A guy, fully clothed, asleep on a bed – another young guy, tall with a small bleached mohican haircut, enters the bedroom and the first thing he does is go to the sleeping guy's feet, remove his socks and start to nibble at them. He sucks on each toe, his tongue darting in and out between each one. This is obviously a big turn-on for him because as he sucks and licks away at the sleeping guy's feet – he removes his own cock from the restraint of his clothes and starts to jack himself off. The guy asleep has really hot feet – very well looked after – we would all like to get our mouths onto them! He then moves to the sleeping guy's trackie bottoms to which he quickly removes – along with his underwear to show us a firm, slightly hairy arse and he begins to nibble at his arse cheeks. He also gets his tongue in the crack of his arse which causing him to awake from his deep slumber! Mohican guy gets his mouth onto the other guy's cock and slowly sucks away until he is fully awake. Both guys now are totally naked and the 2nd guy starts to finger-fuck his friend's arse. Pushing his finger in as deep as it will go, Mohican lad moaning with such pleasure. Once his hole has been worked enough it is now some real fucking time! He removes his finger and pushes his cock – bareback of course! – all the way in and some really hot fucking now takes place. Mohican guy moves so he is now sitting on top of his friend, riding his large hard cock. The camera angle lets you see the cock moving in and out of his tight hairless hole, as he jacks away at his own cock until he shoots his hot, white thick cum all over his friend's smooth, nicely toned body. The guy doing the fucking is then ready to shoot his own cum so he quickly pulls his cock out from his friend's arse and sprays cum onto his mate's face and body. With the cum glistening from his cock head he pushes it in to his friend's mouth so he can lick the remaining cum off. A nice cum kiss is the perfect way to finish this scene.
Scene 4:
First Fuck. The first lad to star in this scene has a blue streak in his hair and loads of facial piercings! He sees a young friend of his sitting near a tent in a field in a skimpy pair of shorts – his cock hanging out from them! 1st lad wastes no time in getting his mouth on to that cock and the soon swap around so the lad with all the piercings is naked and having his cock sucked as he fingers his own arse-hole! He starts with one finger, then two and then it time for his friend's cock to invade that warm inviting hole. As he fucks him bareback from behind, the camera is at a really low angle to let you see his cock pushing in and out, hit mate's hole stretching to take it all the way in. The guy with all the piercings wanks at his own cock as he is being fucked and he is soon shooting a nice load onto the ground in front of him. With the hole tightening around his cock as this load was shot, the 2nd lad is soon ready to shoot his too. He pulls his cock out from his friend's hole just in time to spray his cum over his mate's back and arse – very nice!
Scene 5:
Wild Sex Wild sex – what more can I say?! Quite a bit more really and here goes. This really has loads of different things in and the way it starts is a few young guys in a zoo type place (without the animals!) One young guy gets his bare arse whipped whilst halfway up a ladder! This leads on to two other guys inside having quite a rough play-fight and ends with one guy have his bare feet licked and sucked by another and then he uses them to rub his friend's hard cock! He even gets the cock in between his big toe and the next one to wank him and then uses both feet to jack away at his really hard erect cock! The guy being wanked off returns the favour by getting the other young guy to turn over and pulling his arse cheeks quite firmly apart exposing his hole, some fantastic rimming now takes place. After a load of tongue action he decides he would prefer the hole smooth and produces an electric shaver and start to shave his friend's arse – right up to his hole! With his hole now super smooth and with a lot more wet tongue probing, it is time for his cock to enjoy his hole. The bareback fucking that now takes place is very wild and frantic which ends in cum shooting from his cock towards his mate's open mouth – think I'll watch this scene again ;0) !!
Новый Фильм после распада Eurocreme - Bareback Skater Trash (чешский сегмент во Главе с Vlado Iresch вышел из состава EUROCREME - теперь в Eurocreme остался только британский сегмент, который и в сравнение не шёл с чешским). Теперь фильмы от Vlado Iresch с чешскими моделями будут выходить под ТМ "STAXUS".
Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео кодек: DivX
Аудио кодек: AC3
Видео: 720x416 (1.73:1), 29.970 fps, XviD build 47 ~1927 kbps avg, 0.22 bit/pixel
Аудио: 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2/0 (L,R) ch, ~256.00 kbps avg


все акты выполняются без презервативов, отличное видео!

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